Friday, December 23, 2011

Too Grumpy Critics Say: Happy Holidays! Here's A Rotten Old Repeat From A Year Ago.

Download the whole show in glorious low bitrate mono right here.

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Picture it: Christmas!  2010!  From the bowels of the Taskerlands Radiophonic Workshop comes a rarity: a radio special that's so special, it can bring the world together.  It unites warring nations via the gift of laughter.  It ends hunger, cures various cancers and colonises Mars.  Global warming immediately depletes, polar ice caps re-freeze and the hole in the ozone layer - if that still exists, even - closes up.  For 80 glorious minutes of mirth, the world unites and listens to what is arguably the greatest christmas special that sounds like an old radio broadcast from the 40s that has ever been produced by two blokes called Paul and Spike.  In West Virginia.  In the fall of 2010.

As you can imagine, competition was stiff for that particular award.  Ahem.

OK, so this isn't just a lazy repeat of last year's critically lauded special.  I mean, that would be too easy.  No, this is a newly edited version; running at a svelte 60 minutes (or one metric hour), the special now zips along at a steady pace, with all the unnecessary padding stripped out.  All this means that even though there might be less world uniting, hunger-ending, environment preserving, ozone layer-repairing going on, it *does* give you more time to get the rest of your shopping done.

Happy holidays.  See you in oh-twelve.

Posted via email from Paul&Spike: Too Grumpy Critics

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