Friday, December 09, 2011

podcast #505 - WARNING! FILM BORES ONLY.




WARNING!  This episode is for film bores only, as Old Spike takes his place in the rotating Paul Chair.  On the agenda is OS's Week In Stuff, some chat about the classics, the time he and his mother's trip across Glasgow was interrupted by the real Laurel and Hardy, and we'll find out who WC Fields referred to as "a goddamn ballerina".

Owing to some construction at Taskerlands, the recording home of Too Grumpy Critics, next week will be a special presentation of a previous years' Christmas special, so there's plenty of time to get your answers in for Old Spike's question: what film quotes have you incorporated into your daily life? Do you know someone who doesn't like the special sauce, Rick?  Have you ever made someone an offer they couldn't refuse, or told them to try the veal?  Let us know at the usual address, which IS...?

theusualaddress at

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