Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Week's Guest and Question

This week, we welcome satirist, writer, bon vivant and raconteur Matt Owen. Scribe (oh LORD how i hate that word) for Private Eye, Have I Got News For You, and innumerable birthday cards to friends and relatives. You'll probably remember him from "sorry it's a bit late", "many happy returns, Janet" and, perhaps most famously, "I didn't have time to go shopping, hope a tenner's ok". Any questions or comments or ideas for further classic greetings cards messages can be sent to the usual address at the bottom of the page.

This week's question, set by Louis Barfe, was whether you had made a pilgrimage to any TV or movie locations. I shared my story about dragging my sister and brother in law to the Monroeville Mall near Pittsburgh; location for George A Romero's Dawn Of The Dead. And yes, Dawn fans, we took flowers to the fountain.

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