Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Week's Guest: author Louis Barfe

Sitting atop the rotating Paul Chair this week is writer and biographer Louis Barfe, responsible for such books as "Turned Out Nice Again: The Story Of British Light Entertainment", "Where Have All The Good Times Gone?: The Rise And Fall Of The Record Industry", and the upcoming biography of comedian Les Dawson, released next year.  I think title probably needs a colon, so it doesn't feel left out.  And remember; when you use the code "paulandspike" at checkout, Amazon will sell you any of those books at the regular price!

In addition to them books and stuff, Louis has also done wrotings for the Radio Times (it's out to-daaayyyy digga digga digga digga digga), Private Eye, The Independent, Wives' Readers, The New Statesman, Honkgobbler's Monthly, Publishing News, The Spectator, Absent-Minded Magazine, Literary Review, and Absent-Minded Magazine.  (be careful with that joke... it's an antique.)

We'll be having a bijou natterette about the books, about Dawson, about writing, and about whether the glory days of entertainment have swirled away down the crapper, like so many tab ends.  Also on the agenda, Louis will be sharing his Week In Stuff, giving his thoughts on last week's question, and setting his own for next week.

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which you can also use to answer last week's question from ghosthunter extraordinaire Andrew Wooding: which kids' tv show from your youth would you like to see remade for a modern audience.

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