Friday, November 25, 2011

podcast #503: Satirist Matt Owen / Film Location Pilgrimages

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This week's guest is Matt Owen, writer for "The Joan Rivers Position", satirical magazine Private Eye, that Channel Four sweatshop known as "The 11 O'Clock Show" (which featured both Sacha Baron-Cohen, Ricky Gervaise at the start of their careers, and a fresh-faced Charlie Brooker), plus innumerable birthday cards - some of which had tenners in.

Another great show for aficionados of British comedy and for anyone who has ever thought about writing comedy.  Do Americans process comedy in a different way than Brits?  What makes some British shows work across the pond, but others fall flat?  Why do American sit-coms have better character development than their British counterparts?  These and other comedy conundrums addressed head-on, in addition to an update on who started the second world war, whether Stephen Fry needs any more money, and what makes acceptable subjects for comedy.

The question for next week's show: The 70s had several instances of sit-coms being made into films, what modern (or past) sit-coms would you like to see get the theatrical treatment?

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