Saturday, November 05, 2011

In the #2GC Paul Chair This Week... John Collins.

He's a Sony award-winning broadcaster and a National Training Award-winning fountain of knowledge!  He's the busiest man in Scottish radio!  He was my boss for roughly fifteen minutes and a mentor for almost two decades!  He's on the board at the Scottish Radio Academy! He was our international correspondent on old fashioned radio and was called "as smart as a whip" by our genius-level listeners!  He's a radio ratings King Midus, and now he's passing his knowledge and enthusiasm on to radio's next generation at Reid Kerr College in Paisley!

Host of both The Drum's Scottish Media Podcast, and the Radio Academy Scotland's podcast; He's John Collins and he's the first 'Paul Chair' guest co-host on Two Grumpy Critics.  Got any questions for him?  In addition to being an oracle of Scottish radio, he's an appreciator of American radio, and knows his onions when it comes to the format's past, present and future.

Get your correspondence in by Monday morning, though.  We're taping early this week!  Send your questions/comments to the usual address, or log in at using your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts and comment.

You can interact directly with him (and consider this an early #FF) on The Twitter, by following @johnco

He's also on The Facebook.

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