Friday, November 18, 2011

Too Grumpy Podcast #502 - Author Louis Barfe / Remaking Kids' TV

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If you're a fan of classic British comedy, this week's show with author Louis Barfe will either play out like a conversation with kindred spirits, or serve as the basis for a lifetime of research into the essentials.

Find out how much of Louis' new book was written with his trousers at his ankles, what made the last ten thousand words of "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" fly by, and who really won the Sex Pistols/Bill Grundy debate.

Pre-order "The Trials And Triumphs Of Les Dawson" on t'Amazon now.  It's available in early February of oh-twelve.

BRITISHERS! Order Louis' books on the Amazon dot coe dot you kay machine by clicking here.

AMERICANSES! Order Louis' books on Amazon dot com by clicking here. Get 'em whilst they're cheap... before he does!


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