Friday, November 04, 2011

#500 - Season Five Pre-Premiere


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And so, as we begin the beginning of season five of Too Grumpy Critics, we do so with just one very small and minor change; 50% of the cast is missing.  o_O  Paul has decided to extend his vacation from the show, so - hopefully - he'll be back at some point.  So in order to make up the smart quotient of the show, here's how it's going to work for the next few weeks: I'll be rotating guest co-hosts of interest who will discuss their week in stuff, answer and comb through the correspondence from the previous weeks' question, and to set their own question for the next week's guest.

This week, being the pre-premiere, we refresh our memories with an edited recap of the last show, and also hear a clip from 2009's appearance from Mike Kazybrid and Andrew Wooding, otherwise known as Two Men and a Ghost, who will be joining us in two weeks' time.  Next week, though, Scottish radio legend and member of the Sony radio academy John Collins will drop in to tell us exactly why he thinks live and local radio *isn't* doomned.  Good luck, John!

Onwards ad upwards, troops!


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