Friday, June 10, 2011

#413 - Eager Summer Blockbusters


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Quick note: it sounds like, in some places, Paul has delayed reaction times. This isn't down to drink, it's down to a weird bandwidth issue that meant there was a gap of roughly three seconds between one saying something and the other hearing it. Because the show is recorded on Spike's side, Paul is the one that sounds slow.

0:00:00 - Master Paul Higginbotham and Sir Spike Nesmith The Third discuss their hot weather no-booze drinks.

0:02:24 - Light Week In Stuff for Paul including the first episode of the elusive but comprehensive series "Hollywood", a series that takes roughly as much time to watch as it takes to see three Kurosawa movies; nine years. Also, a third week of cartoon violence and - this time - some freshly restored racism with the "Tom and Jerry" DVD set. C'mon chile!

0:08:27 - Spike's moving house, so there's little time to watch any Stuff. He finally got his grubby mitts on an entirely legal copy of the US "Life On Mars". Be warned, there's a spoiler alert for the UK spin-off "Ashes To Ashes". Not that it matters, given how good it wasn't. Imagine, though. History on The History Channel, in the shape of "American Pickers"!

0:24:50 - Next week's topic is revealed - what movies or scenes in movies always bring a lump to your throat. In other words, what are the great weepies, or the so-called weepies that leave you cold?

0:32:08 - This week's question: what was the last big summer blockbuster that you were *really* excited about?


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