Friday, May 27, 2011

#140 - Documentaries That Made A Difference


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A cracking show this week, with plenty of correspondence from the commenariat over the subject o'the week, and Paul's left field pun.  You won't see it coming...

0:00:00 - Ever wanted to know the history behind the emphasis on the letter 'N' in 'WNBC'?  No, neither have I, but Spike is sure going to tell us.  And he'll do it louder than our objections.

0:04:44 - Paul's Week In Stuff is roughly 900% busier than his last WIS, taking in Lady Gaga's new album (really!), which leads on to a surprising discussion in which Mother Monster gets some surprising props from the middle-aged grumpsters.  He's bringin' back the childhood with a Tom and Jerry DVD set, making the bed shake with Mark Twain (steady!) and "yeeesssss"-ing over Black Swan.  ....still.  Whhhoooaaarrrrrr, eh?

0:31:09 - Spike's speedy Week In Stuff pimps the new(ish) Dark Skies DVD set.

0:35:17 - This week's question centers around documentaries, and what makes a good'n.


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