Monday, May 30, 2011

This Week's Question: Heaven And Hell's Multiplexes

This week's question will require some noodling. Assuming for a moment that heaven and hell are real places and are tailored specifically to your personal likes and hates, what movies would be playing at their multiplexes? Let's pick three of each; the three movies you'd most love to watch on the big screen from a plush, comfy couch in heaven, and the three movies that would be playing on a perpetual loop in hell's cinema, which probably looks like this...


....and has crying babies, no air conditioning and a teen Facebooking in front of you, so the light from their undeserved smartphone serves as a continual distraction.

Let us know by this Thursday evening (the 2nd) by 6pm US/e or 11pm UK.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

#140 - Documentaries That Made A Difference


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A cracking show this week, with plenty of correspondence from the commenariat over the subject o'the week, and Paul's left field pun.  You won't see it coming...

0:00:00 - Ever wanted to know the history behind the emphasis on the letter 'N' in 'WNBC'?  No, neither have I, but Spike is sure going to tell us.  And he'll do it louder than our objections.

0:04:44 - Paul's Week In Stuff is roughly 900% busier than his last WIS, taking in Lady Gaga's new album (really!), which leads on to a surprising discussion in which Mother Monster gets some surprising props from the middle-aged grumpsters.  He's bringin' back the childhood with a Tom and Jerry DVD set, making the bed shake with Mark Twain (steady!) and "yeeesssss"-ing over Black Swan.  ....still.  Whhhoooaaarrrrrr, eh?

0:31:09 - Spike's speedy Week In Stuff pimps the new(ish) Dark Skies DVD set.

0:35:17 - This week's question centers around documentaries, and what makes a good'n.


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

#140: Over/Under - Disney Movies

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This week, the Superchaps Two discuss Black Swan (yeeeessss), 3DTV and the audience share their over-rated and under-rated Disney movies.

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Friday, May 06, 2011

#408 - I Never Noticed That Before!






0:00:00 - After a drinks update, a bin Laden update, a drinks update and a dinner update, it's on to a long discussion about P&S's halcyon days in old fashioned radio.

0:04:33 - Are you talking to Paul? Are YOU talking... to Paul? I don't see anyone else here, so you must be talking to Paul. He caught Taxi Driver on bluray, following the discussion last week, and becomes the only person to equate the movie with the phrase "wheeee!". In a week of time travel, BOTH - yes, BOTH - version of "Life On Mars" get an airing.

0:10:43 - Spike's charity shop bargain run bags him season 1 of the sit-com "Taxi", which ends up being a better bargain in the entertainment stakes than even he expected. There's a discussion on the merits (or lack thereof) of new Who, John Simm's intensity, and Jim Broadbent's altzheimer's.

0:38:28 - Last week, P&S asked about movies you had seen before, but had noticed something new about it on a recent viewing.


NEXT WEEK! Send in your comments on movies you've seen more than once or twice before, but have discovered something new the most recent time you watched it.


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