Friday, April 15, 2011

#406 - Emperor's New Clothes Movies


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One last appearance for Spike's dad Old Spike (until summer) as the THREE Grumpy Critics dissect their weeks in stuff and the emperor's new movies...

0:00:00 - What links Charles Atlas, fruit juicers and eyebrows...? Ooohhhh wouldn't YOU like to know.... bub?

0:03:20 - Classic black and white movie connoisseur Old Spike has his patience tested with viewings of the CGI blockbusters "Hop" and "Despicable Me", but tops up his geek levels with a $2.50 bargain wire bin purchase of "Stage Door Canteen". Be warned, there's a spoiler alert with a reading of the last page of "Gulliver's Travels".

0:16:40 - Paul's short week in stuff has a little Zappa, and a lot of Tron.

0:27:48 - After some soul (and wallet) searching, Spike has made his first blu-ray purchases, which doesn't include "Office Space", but has some hypnotic Pixar hair, a man who thinks a real rain will come to wash all the scum off the streets, and a so-called classic, which leads nicely to this week's topic....

0:37:10 - As suggested by Old Spike, this week's topic is "The Emperor's New Clothes"; those movies that eeeeeeverybody else seems to praise to the high heavens for whatever reason, but that you just can't seem to see the appeal of. There's both consensus and some very controversial picks from the commentariat, and the potential for some cinematic rehabilitation....


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