Monday, March 21, 2011

We're Back! Over/Under: Albums

Hellooooo!  Spike here!  Paul and I will be back this week after our unexpected hiatus.  Thanks again for all your very kind comments and well-wishings, you're a lovely bunch.  I'm recovering well, eating well and exercising a lot, and my chest has healed enough to where it's not too painful to guffaw; my self-imposed requirement to coming back, such are the dangers of working with Mr Higginbotham.

It figures that we pick up where we left off, and complete the show we threw the topic out for last month: Over/Under albums.

You know the drill by now, pick two albums - one of them you think is over-rated for whatever reason, the other you feel is under-rated.  Feel free to be controversial, we love it when a sacred dinosaur is eloquently gored, and be as explanatory as you feel you need to be.  We won't judge your choices too harshly, even if you pick "The Challengers Enter A New Dawn" as your under.

If you submitted your picks last month when we first asked the question, you're all set.  We still have those entries, and unless you want to clarify or change your choices, you can put your feet up and relax.  Everybody else, please get your entries in by 6pm US/e on Wednesday (10pm UK).

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