Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Challengers - Where Are They Now?

This week, in the first edition of Seven From The Left, you heard Paul and I take on the early 70s musical stylings of this gang of alwa'ae-dae-weels; southern gospel group The Challengers, in what appears to be their only outing on vinyl. Or any format, come to think of it.

There's only only factoid we're sure of, and that is that God loves them (so long as he doesn't have to listen to their music). Other than that, their shadowy present is cloaked in mystery... so, we need your help.

No, no. Put down that Google. Believe me, our crack team of researchers have already scoured the frames, skinkels and hoptopplet-plates of all seven of the known internets for information, but updates on recent activity from any of The Challengers remains elusive. And so, dear readers, the ball is in your court.

Take a good look at the gang of eight and let us know where YOU think they are today. What have they been up to? Did they stay in the church? Did they split up and form two rival factions of Challengers tribute bands? Did one, or more, of them become a serial killer who sang "oh praise him naaaoowwwww" as he merrily dismembered his screaming victims?

Let us know below!

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