Monday, February 07, 2011

aaaaaaand we're back!


Yes!  Here we are, season four of the show formerly known as The Paul And Spike Show, now known as Paul&Spike: Too Grumpy Critics.  Please update your address books, award nomination application forms and cheques to reflect that change.

Nice and easy subject for our first show back together, let us know about your festive season in Stuff.  What did you watch?  What did you read?  What did you listen to?  Not the P&S Christmas Special, judging by the listening figures, but we'll forgive you.  Miss, however, the P&S Easter Spectacular, and we'll effing cut you from gullet to gizzard.

And in other news, poo-pah razzies to, whose email system harkens back to the days of smoke signals, semaphore and receving morse code from half a world away, we're going back to gmail.  So, the new usual address is the new usual address.  Linkage yonder.

Comment, as always, at by logging in using your existing Facebook or Twitter account.

Get your answers in by 5pm US/e on Wednesday!  Don't delay!

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