Friday, February 18, 2011

#402 - Seven From The Left: "The Challengers Enter A New Dawn"


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0:00:00 - P&S drift back to the heady days of answering machines, voicemail and when a mobile phone only made phone calls. Aaahh.

0:11:04 - Coooo coo-coo-coo-coo-COO-coo-coooo! Paul's worked his way through the bluray of "Heavy Metal", featuring most of the cast of "SCTV", and the merits (and authenticity) of the word 'independent' are debated thanks to a safe listening of Arcade Fire.

0:19:14 - Has Spike been watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings for the "freak-pointing aspects", to learn about other cultures, or because all the women dress like central casting prostitutes? Hmmm. Furthermore, is "Catfish" (or 'Catfeesh') a documentary, or a really good fake of a documentary? That, nuclear war, and a fortuitous find in Goodwill - and he doesn't mean the contents of the first edition of Seven From The Left....

0:40:19 - "The Challengers Enter A New Dawn" is P&S's first entry in the Seven From The Left hall of fame. Or "#7<-" as the kids on The Twitter have been calling it* since the massive worldwide publicity blast. (*might be lies) Here's the deal: a charity shop is visited. The rack of LPs is located. Whatever album is seventh from the left, good or bad, is what they review. And, of course, what you are subjected to. The Challengers say they are ready to meet the challenges of the 70s - are YOU?


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