Friday, February 11, 2011

#401 - Holiday Catchup

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A packed show this week as P&S return from their extended holiday break, the lazy hounds. There's booze, war, swearing and terrible puns. What's not to like?

0:00:00 - An Andy Kaufman-style challenge to the audience begins the first show of oh-eleven, as the assembled masses' tolerance is tested. Can they sit through 260 spam messages? Probably not, because P&S turn quickly to a drinks update, and the secret to Paul's award-winning margarita becomes drunkenly clear, as does the effect it has on Spike.

0:17:00 - An unmemorable festive season in Stuff for Paul, albeit one filled with blood, guts and war; including "The Thin Red Line", "Hamburger Hill" and not necessarily including a rewatch (and analysis) of "Apocalypse Now" on Bluray. Cool! Look at that napalm!! Other Blurayage includes pickage uppage of "The Fifth Element", "V For Vendetta", "Role Models", and "The Mummy", and Paul "the white IT nerd" has a newfound respect for Eminem, thanks to Popbunker.

0:46:57 - Tim Vine jokes a-plenty peppering Spike's festive season in Stuff, there's the world's only Nick Broomfield impersonation and a trailer for next week's "Big Fay Gypsey Weddings" review, because there's no way the amount of time left could ever do it justice...


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