Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Paul&Spike Specials - Gotta Catch 'Em All!

We'll be polluting the Radio Six International schedules several times over the festive period with our shenanigans, goings-on and cheeky ne'erdaeweel capers.  Here's how to tune in, when to tune in, and what for:

Friday December 17th at 2200GMT (5pm US/e) - Saturday December 18th at 0600GMT (1am US/e) - Sunday December 19th at 2000GMT (3pm US/e)

Episode #321 of Too Grumpy Critics, featuring the commentariat's least favourite christmas songs in part two of the "Ho Ho No" show.

Friday December 24th at 2200GMT (5pm US/e) - Saturday December 25th at 1500GMT (10am US/e) and 0040GMT (7.40pm US/e) and Sunday December 26th at 1940GMT (2.40pm US/e)

The exclusive 85-minute edition of the 2010 Paul&Spike Christmas Special.

Saturday December 25th at 0245GMT (xmas eve, 9.45pm US/e) - Tuesday December 27th at 1700GMT (noon US/e)

The 2-hour Christmas music spectacular; part three of the "Ho Ho No Show", in which the final list of unveto'd songs are run down and played.


The easiest way to listen is to go to and listen either with your media player of choice, or through the high quality flash stream.  The really cool thing is that we are just one small part of the other goodies that Radio Six have on offer this Christmas.  Remember that US/e times are five hours behind GMT.

As usual we'll have a plethora of special programmes to celebrate the Festive Season. Pride of place, naturally, goes to the grand final of Record of the Year 2010 which will be broadcast at 00:00 GMT on Saturday, December 25th with repeats at 16:00 GMT on Sunday, December 26th and at 15:00 GMT on Saturday, January 1st, 2011. This year's fierce battle for the number one position continues! Voting is frantic and remember we close voting at 23:59 GMT on December 22nd! Check our this week's chart by clicking the Programmes tab. Just a reminder - one vote per person, you can only vote for tracks which are on the list of nominated songs, and you must include your name and address in the email. Send to with "Vote" as the subject line. We reserve the right to declare invalid any or all votes which break these rules.

Tony Currie's Xmas Cracker is something of an institution, having started in the 60s, and it can be heard at 07:00 GMT and 20:00 GMT on Saturday, December 25th. Tony Currie can also be heard in an archive programme first broadcast in 1979. Christmas in Vienna recorded in the studios of state broadcaster ORF features seasonal classical music in the Austrian tradition, and a rare interview with the outstanding German mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig (who is now 82). The programme can be heard at 17:00 GMT on Friday, December 24th, and 20:00 on Monday, December 27th.

And for fans of Abba there's a fabulous treat with our Live Wire special in which Alex Belfield talks to Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus about their music, plays all of Abba's number one hits and coaxes Benny into playing some live music as well! This is Abba airs on Saturday, December 25th at 20:00 GMT, Sunday December 26th at 23:00 GMT and Wednesday, December 29 at 20:00 GMT.

Hospital broadcasting in Glasgow celebrates 40 years on December 25th, and we bring together the men who were the first voices on the station - Bob Christie and Tony Currie who present a programme specially produced for HBS by radio six international at 15:00 GMT on Sunday, December 26th with a repeat at 20:00 GMT on Thursday, December 30th. Callum Kenmuir performed a memorable Christmas edition of The Piano Room for us back in 1986. This year we have persuaded him to return to the studio for a brand-new Another Christmas in the Piano Room which you can hear at 06:00 GMT on Friday, December 24th; 08:00 GMT on Saturday, December 25th and 02:00 GMT on January 1st, 2011.

Sue Fisher will be on hand to present three special editions of her weekly Behind The Tracks show, with separate editions on Friday, December 24th at 20:00 GMT; Saturday, December 25th at 12:00 GMT; and Sunday, December 26th at 22:00 GMT.

A treat for fans of the Offshore pirate radio stations on Sunday, December 26th. Following the success of our special day devoted to pirate radio back in August, and by public demand, we're repeating the best of these special programmes on the morning of December 26th. Between 08:30 and 13:00 GMT you can hear the voices of the pirate kings and archive programmes, unbroadcast demos, discussions, documentaries and special compilations. Featuring John Benson, Tony Allan, Mark West, Paul Harris, Tommy Shields, Stuart Henry, Tony Meehan, Jack McLaughlin, Tony Currie, Ben Healy, Mike Aherne, and Noel Miller, there are highlights from the final day of 242 Radio Scotland and features on many of its sister stations including Radio London, Radio Caroline and others.

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