Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The First Reviews Are In!

Two influential giants of Scottish radio weigh in on this year's Christmas special:

Sony Award-winning broadcaster John "@johnco" Collins:

Listening to something very special indeed from @ and @ .You'll get to hear it soon...

Scottish broadcasting legend and all-rounder Tony "RadioSix.com" Currie:

From my privileged position as Director of Programmes at radio six international, I can tell you in advance that the PAUL & SPIKE XMAS SPECIAL is utterly superb. And totally unexpected in its style and content! Hear the entire 85 minutes on our station on Xmas Eve at 22:00 GMT, Xmas Day at 15:00 GMT, Dec 26th at 00:40 GMT and 19:35 GMT, via www.radiosix.com. Or of course as two podcasts!

Part one drops into your podcast in-box on December 18th, part two on December 20th.  As Tony mentioned above, the 85 minute version will air exclusively on Radio Six International at the times listed. 

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