Friday, December 17, 2010

#321 - Christmas Songs You Hate

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Quick reminder of where you can find us over the festive season:

Part one of the Paul&Spike Christmas Special plops unceremoniously into your podcast inboxes on December the 18th.  The concluding part two slides in sneakily on December 20th.

You can hear the whole shebang in an 85-minute spectacular on Radio Six International on Friday December 24th at 2200GMT (5pm US/e) - Saturday December 25th at 1500GMT (10am US/e) and 0040GMT (7.40pm US/e) and Sunday December 26th at 1940GMT (2.40pm US/e)

On Saturday December 25th at 0245GMT (xmas eve, 9.45pm US/e) and Tuesday December 27th at 1700GMT (noon US/e), Radio Six International brings you the 2-hour "Ho Ho No Show", in which the final list of unveto'd songs are run down and played.  Because it's stacked to the brim with copyrighted music, we can't podcast that show in its entirity.  We will, however, drop the edited music-free version into your in-boxes on the 27th of December.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (see also: Holidays, Happy)


0:00:00 - Oh my. What has Paul been drinking?? A brief collection of out-takes from this year's Paul&Spike Christmas Special will either have you crippled with laughter or heaving into a blue bucket. Either way... happy holidays.

0:08:55 - Paul has a case of the Old Fezziwig's, and Spike left his webcam on. Oops.

0:12:43 - Amazing! It appears that the History Channel has made a documentary about something historical, and not just stupid reality shows about people who drive something or cut something down, in the shape of a doco about Benjamin Franklin. Also, un-PCisness ahoy in "Charlie Chan, The Chinese Cat". But oh good, Spike has a too-long story about something completely unconnected. Yawn.

0:19:53 - Spike tries to out un-PC Paul with a brief viewing of "Song Of The South" outlast the audience's patience with a description of MFI commercials during "Top Pop Videos Of 84" and outchristmas all the people who haven't seen "A Christmas Story". Merry Christmas, VT!

0:36:00 - The votes are in, and the commentariat let loose on what their least favourite christmas songs are, in part two of the "Ho Ho No Show".



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