Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Songs And Christmas Movies (Fa La La La La, La-La La-La.)

Well, here we are at the end of the year once again, and the thoughts of a young 2GC fan turn to festive media.  That, plus visions of chocolate and beer for breakfast dancing in their heads. 

So let's kill three partridges in three pear trees with one stone and reveal the holiday season-themed questions for the next four weeks.  Not a typo, the answers you submit to questions two and three will form the fourth music-based show which will be broadcast exclusively on Radio Six International.  Naturally, because that particular show will be so heavy on copyrighted music, we can't podcast it in its full form, so listening to Radio Six on Christmas Eve will be your only chance to catch it in all its glory.  But here's what we need:

One xmas movie that you feel is over-rated for whatever reason, and one you feel is an under-rated xmas movie. Furrazample, you might pick "Die Hard"; not technically a xmas movie, but a movie set at xmas and one in which the holiday is somewhat important to the plot.

This is part one of the three-week "Ho Ho No Show". Nice and simple, we'd like to know what your five favourite christmas songs are. You can add in why, if you want.

Another easy one for the second part of "The Ho Ho No Show"; three xmas songs you hate, and why. You can be specific about artists if you want, or maybe it's a song in any form. I mean, I pretty much can't stand "The Little Drummer Boy", regardless of who sings it.

Here's how "The Ho Ho No Show" works; Week one, we talk about the songs we all like in the usual show stylee, with a This Week In Stuff. Second week, we'll discuss the songs we hate, in the usual show stylee. What we'll do for the xmas eve show is compile a list of winners, based on number of votes cast. If two people vote to veto a specific song (or if one person vetos it and Paul and I agree unanimously with our two half votes), it's off the list. Two positive votes on a song need three negatives to veto it, and so on. Majority rules.

Feel free to pass this on to your non-subscribing/non-show-listening friends, so we can get their input, too.  Surely passing on the magic of Too Grumpy Critics is the gift that keeps on giving allll year long.  Clark.

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