Friday, November 19, 2010

#317 - The Very Model Of A Modern Film Director Guy

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0:00:00 - Yes! It's the Too Grumpy Crew Morning Crew! HONK! HONK! A quick drinks update, a beginners' lesson on British peerages and an introduction to this week's guest - Spike's sister Jij, also known as Pumpkin Spider.

0:03:54 - A "slow and boring" Week In Stuff for Paul, featuring the second half of "Die Hard" and - wait for it - the "Dungeons And Dragons" cartoon. Really. Meeehhhh. And Godzoooooo-keeeee.

0:08:40 - On Jij's travels, she took in some "Salt", which she gives "meh" pew-pew-pews out of ten. High marks for "Dispicable Me", though, in spite of its stars. Jij sets Paul some homework, at least three episodes of the Disney Channel's excellent "Phineas and Ferb". This leads on to a discussion about why (Dr. William H.) Bill Cosby (junior) is in the credits to "Little Bill", why "Sesame Street" sped up instead of slowing down, and a clown reading erotic literature to kids. Oh, and that word they can't use? "Twadger".

0:22:53 - It took a quarter century for Spike to track down the banned-in-Britain, so-called video nasty "Driller Killer". But, did he fall in love with it...?

0:28:49 - Thanks to show guest AllClick who suggested this week's topic: a favourite director AND the best example of their work. Not necessarily their best movie, or most loved movie or most successful movie, but the movie that really sums up their style and technique.


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