Friday, November 12, 2010

#316 - Time Travel Movies


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0:00:00 - Oh dear. Is IT expert Paul a traitorous bastard when it comes to returning to the dark side? Spike hasn't, but Hotmail's in-show shenanigans when it comes to the simple task of LOADING A FREAKING EMAIL might be the final nail in the coffin...



0:07:50 - Not a busy Week In Stuff for Paul, but he's been super impressed with huge bitrate DVDs of Genesis albums "Duke" and "Selling England By The Pound", remastered into 5.1 DTS. Wooo! Fancy!! Segmental entertainment for the Paulster, taking in two and a half movies; "Die Hard", "Time After Time", and "Twelve Monkeys", which just so happens to be the next pick for the Too Grumpy Movie Club in two weeks' time - details below.

Incidentally; Ade Gregg, the ludicrously talented 78 restorer Spike was talking about, can be found here.  You should send him job offers, copious amounts of appreciative cash and/or stacks of 78s that need some love. NOW.

0:29:10 - Spike's been getting his horror on with the comedy show "Psychoville", from the makers of 'The League Of Gentlemen'.

0:40:26 - And so, to the question. Inspired by Paul's recent enjoyage of "Back To The Future" on Bluray, we wanted to know what your favourite time travel movies were - or, at least, movies where the plot relied on time travel in some aspect.


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