Friday, November 05, 2010

#315 - Political Movies

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0:00:00 - Stupid names aside, there's a not-a-drinks-update regarding Paul's margarita mix. Spike is missing the essential ingredient, "plinketty plonk". Paul is sheepishly holding up Kentucky's alcoholic output, although that may change after the results of the election.

0:03:25 - By the description in Paul's Week In Stuff, it sounds like the "Back To The Future" Bluray boxset might be a good reason to upgrade from the DVDs. Shame about ZZ Top, though. Paul's yearly tradition of watching the original "Halloween" rounds out his week in Bluray, and finds out what film-making technique links John Carpenter to former Too Grumpy Movie Club pick "After Hours". Also, the long-awaited answer to that historical conundrum is finally made public via a viewing of "Agora", which is, of course; "did Greek mathematical scholar Hypatia have a nice backside?"

0:23:43 - In addition to Spike's Week In Stuff, we get a history lesson on The Titanic and the DeLorean, which were both built in Northern Ireland. Garry Shandling got much kudos for his deconstructionist sit-com... but did George Burns and Gracie Allen do it first, thirty years previously? On top of that, Rod Serling got much kudos for "The Twilight Zone"... but did "Tales Of Tomorrow" do it first, ten years previously?

0:36:29 - There's almost no time to get through the vast slew of correspondence regarding this week's question: what is your favourite movie about politics, or about a politician? Some great - and surprising - responses from the fantastically diverse audience.


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