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0:00:00 - A grocery store burp, an embarrassing drink and the recipe for the ultimate margarita. Welcome to Too Grumpy Critics.

0:07:50 - Some hits and misses for Paul's Week In Stuff; "Session 9" and "Tales Of Terror", plus a spoiler alert issued for "Who Goes There?"

0:19:53 - A more mixed bag for Spike's Week in Stuff, including a go at the good-idea-but-ultimately-disappointing NBC Direct, there's some frightening gender role swap going on chez Nez regarding the HBO vampire soft porn show "True Blood" and a set of hair straighteners, plus - utterly conversely - some old TV via including "Burns and Allen" and "The Jack Benny Program". He'll also tell you how to save up to thirty dollars with State! Farm! In-sur-ance! pom pom pommmmmmmm.

0:32:35 - A couple of weeks ago, listener Malcolm had the following request: "I’d like to propose a film for the next review which is one of my 7 “Desert Island Films” and may well be in many personal collections… Billy Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot”. Outside of my own affection for the movie, I think it would be interesting to see if today’s younger generations still find it as funny as I did when I was younger. Much of our preferences for films, radio and TV will have been influenced by our parents/guardians, so I dare say many of us who do contribute to the Film Club will have seen this due to our parents telling us how funny it was". So, that's what happens. The frighteningly literate and analytical minds of the commentariat give their hapeth on "Some Like It Hot". Which doesn't make them a bad person(s).


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