Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This Week's Question: What Are Your Halloween Media Essentials?

Halloween, like Christmas, has a plethora of media associated with it.  There are more frights per square inch in media at this time of the year than at any othBOO!

Did we scare you?  



Well, what we want to know this week is the details of your spooky media intake.  Are there any scary movies you save for the cold, late October nights?  Books you squirrell away to unsettle you in bed?  Do you have a weird playlist on your mp3 player that get you ready for trickage and/or treatage?  Maybe there are movies/books/tv specials/songs that you hate and you can't escape.

Let us know via all the usual outlets and inlets: Email us at the usual address - which IS...?  or you can Twitter us at @paulandspike or @jockopablo or @spikester.

Alternatively, visit paulandspike.com, log in with your existing Facebook or Twitter account and leave a comment in the comments section.  As per, we need your answers by 6pm US/E-11pm UK on Wednesday night (October 27th)

WooooooOOOOooooooo, etc.

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