Friday, October 08, 2010

podcast #311 - Too Grumpy Movie Club: "After Hours"





0:00:00 - Some fantastic news to kick off the show; Paul's imbibing in an old favourite, and Spike's wearing pants. All is right with the world. There is, however, some less good news. A listener is personally responsible for the death of a Hollywood legend. Oooops.

0:09:38 - Following a viewing of the trailer of the Cohen Brothers not-a-remake of "True Grit", Paul's Week In Stuff includes the original. What can be said about "The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari"? Plenty - but, because it's a silent movie, it all has to be said with facial expressions.

0:22:35 - Spike's Week In Stuff demonstrates how Twitter is the new playground, with a re-telling of the unbelievable documentary "Madness In The Fast Lane", and why the whole of Britain was talking about how terrifying Robert Carlyle was in "Cracker". Good news, Dr Who fans! Spike's watching of the glum political intrigue-laden story "The Seeds Of Doom" has lead to it being released on DVD!

0:39:49 - The next installment of the Too Grumpy Movie Club is Martin Scorsese's 1985 movie "After Hours". Not very many people tracked it down to watch along, but P&S give it a good going-over.


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