Friday, October 29, 2010

#314 - Hallowe'en Me'edia

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0:00:00 - Well! Isn't Pablo Suave dressed up for the occasion, boy howdy. After a slightly embarrassing drinks update. Following right on from that, Paul's Week In Stuff explains "How The States Got Their Shapes", and there's some 'ween-week flix, including Roger Corman's "The Raven" starring that famous firm of lawyers, Price, Lorre and Karloff. Some Nature/nurture Universal horror schlock, as "The Creature Walks Among Us", and a crystal clear rendition of Anthony Perkins' looked-over acting skills in the new BluRay edition of "Psycho".

0:13:43 - Spike's Week In Stuff includes a 'snake eating its own tail' type scenario, which links a documentary about Benny Hill's financial legacy, and an episode of Groucho Marx's "You Bet Your Life". The secret word is 'milk'. But it should be 'contraception'. Also - want to watch Lon Chaney Jr not smash a chair on the ground? "Frankenstein", as realised by 1952's live broadcast from 'Tales Of Tomorrow' will see to that, and the twitter commentariat are split over "Law And Order: UK".

0:30:40 - This week's question revolves, as you might expect, around Halloween. We asked the commentariat what their essential 'ween-week media is, from movies to TV to literature.


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