Friday, October 01, 2010

#310 - Do Some Movies Go Stale?





0:00:00 - It's pelters for Spike and his cheap-ass taste in alcoholic beverages during the drinks update. But the good news is, he gets a free trucker's hat. Hoo-whee.

0:05:59 - Paul's done his homework, he watched Martin Scorsese's "After Hours", the subject of next week's Too Grumpy Movie Club. Have you watched it yet? A femailer (yeesssss) recommended the 1951 noir classic "The Prowler", now beautifully restored and with no hard rock, rap, or crazy musical surprises. Gears crunch, and he's on to the remake/reboot of "Friday The 13th" from 2009. Listen closely, and you'll find out a piece of trivia from the first version of the movie that could win you a pub quiz or a piece of pie at Trivial Pursuit one day. What was great about Paul's childhood? "Ark II", that's what. Sit-com "The IT Crowd" hits a little too close to home, though.

0:24:25 - Another dull week for Spike, taking in the first half hour of "Easy A", four times. High praise for the main actor, but not much else... (FYI, 'Clueless' was based on Jane Austin's "Emma", by the way. Not Shakespeare.) How many songs about bonnie lassies does it take to get Spike out of the shower? Lots, apparently. Also, a stunning realization about ABC's "No Ordinary Family".

0:32:30 - This week's question comes from listener Malcolm, who suggests this topic: "which movies have lost their appeal to the younger generation, and why?". It's a toughie, but the audience rises to the challenge. 


Next week (October 8th), we'll be talking about the next installment of the Too Grumpy Movie Club; Martin Scorsese's "After Hours". It's available for instant streaming on Netflix in the US and on LoveFilm in the UK. Rent it, DVR it, find it through perfectly legal means, however you watch it, let us know what you thought. We'll need your responses by October 6th at 6pm US/e, 11pm UK. To comment, you can log in using your existing Faceboor or Twitter accounts at, or you can send us an email to The Usual Address. Feel free to make the subject line 'Surrender Dorothy!'


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