Monday, September 27, 2010

The Week: Do Some Movies Date Badly?

Thanks goes to Malcolm who sent us this email with a great idea for this week's topic:

"Which personal favourite movies in your own collection have lost their appeal to the younger generation, and why?  Which films WILL last the sands of time and appeal for many generations to come?"

So there you have it:  Which movies do you think have dated so badly so as to be alien to current generation(s), and which movies will be forever beloved by all and sundry?

If you have a Facebook or a Twitter account, you can use them to log in at and comment.  Otherwise, you can send us your thoughts via The Usual Address.  Answers in by 6pm US/e, 11pm UK time on Wednesday the 29th of September s'il vous plait!  (that means 'or else', in Spanish)

Here are Malcolm's examples, to give you some inspiration -

Lost their appeal (from personal experiences with younger generations) :

High Society (is the music now just dated ?)

The Wizard Of Oz (lost it’s magic ?)

Looney Tunes Cartoons (especially Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn… is there maybe too much choice in animation these days with multiple TV Channels all churning out their own)

Marx Brothers Movies… (is slap-stick a thing of the past now ?)

Maybe a controversial choice this, but The Monty Python Movies ???  (Do current teenagers find this as amusing as we all did in our late teens?)

Standing (or will stand) the test of time :

ET (maybe ahead of it’s time dealing with the possibility of life in outer space whilst playing with human emotions)

Arsenic and Old Lace ( engaging characters, a twisting story and comedy acting which matches the very best)

Young Frankenstein ( sorry, I’m just a big Mel Brooks fan who thinks this is timeless, like the original book by Mary Shelley…)

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