Friday, September 24, 2010

podcast #309 - Pantsless




In this thrilling episode of Too Grumpy Critics, you'll find out who in Hollywood needs a sandwich, where to find the original Star Wars, and what the next installment of the Too Grumpy Movie Club will be. All sans pants.

0:00:00 - Nudity, eh? So it's going to be one of those shows, is it?

0:02:10 - Quality correspondence regarding last week's show; an email regarding Paul's review of "The Hangover", and three catching up on last week's Too Grumpy Movie Club pick, 'Flash Gordon'. One turns the movie into a wordy dissertation on a remote Scottish island, one has a terrible pun regarding scant literature in Essex, and one takes the word "flash" to horrifying extremes.

0:03:17 - Light week for Pablo this week, watching "Atonement" in full and re-living his childhood with a beautifully re-mastered (and anamorphic) fan version of the original "Star Wars", where Han shoots first and there's not even a whisper of it being episode four of anything.

0:27:35 - Busier week for the Spikester, taking in the Mythbusterseque "Bang Goes The Theory", trying to wrangle a fancy HD DVR from Dish Network, and enjoying two - count 'em - two paid iPod apps, "EyeTV" and "TuneIn Radio". Also, find out why "All The President's Men" is the benchmark for conspiracy nutjobs.

0:52:11 - In two weeks (October 8th) we'll be talking about the next installment of the Too Grumpy Movie Club - Martin Scorsese's "After Hours". It's available for instant streaming on Netflix in the US and on LoveFilm in the UK. Find it, rent it, DVR it, find it through perfectly legal means, however you watch it, let us know what you thought. We'll need your responses by October 6th at 6pm US/e, 11pm UK. To comment, you can log in using your existing Faceboor or Twitter accounts at, or you can send us an email to The Usual Address. Feel free to make the subject line 'Surrender Dorothy!'


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The Film Geek said...

Paul and I HAVE liked lots o' the same movies. That last comment was my poor effort at being clever. :)

I am still laughing at the guy jumping outta the trunk, though.