Friday, September 17, 2010

podcast #308 - Too Grumpy Movie Club: "Flash Gordon" (1980)




This week, P&S and their ludicrously intelligent audience discuss "Flash Gordon" in the Too Grumpy Movie Club.

0:00:00 - What's more important; drinks or introductions?

0:02:45 - To begin Paul's Week In Stuff is "The Hangover", a film that apparently everyone (including former guest The Film Geek) has been gushing over. Will Paul join the gush, or will he think it mush? Is it possible to link Jay Leno and 'Deluxe Paint' on the Commodore Amiga and Conrad Poohs to Anne Hathaway? You betcha, and it's all because of the movie "Passengers". I think they're pretty drunk at this point. (Paul&Spike - not Jay Leno, Conrad Poohs or Anne Hathaway. As far as we know.) Sixties cheapo animation-tastic "Spider-Man" swings from one familar skyscraper to another and into Paul's DVD player, and a long-awaited blowing off of dust of the original "Star Wars" movie prompts a discussion over who shot first. (Watt's on second, Iduno's on third, etc)

0:30:00 - A quiet week in stuff for the Spikester, including rifling vicariously through the great British public's private reels in "The Home Movie Roadshow", there's wooden questions ahoy in an in-house documentary about The Stanford Prison Project, and a viewing of Cosmos, following Paul's glowing review last week. But could it be true...? Was Carl Sagan a jerk? And is "IT Crowd" writer Graham Linehan really BFF's with Spike?

0:42:57 - homework time! Two weeks ago, as part of the Too Grumpy Movie Club, we asked you to watch 1980's "Flash Gordon". Response was amazing, with reviews ranging from positive to negative to "I'll just send a list of quotes from the theme song".


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The Film Geek said...

How can you not STILL be laughing from the scene in the Hangover where the Asian guy jumps out of the car trunk? Sigh ... One day Paul and I will agree on a movie.

Rockon said...

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