Friday, September 03, 2010

podcast #306 - Booze, Buzz and Space





You'll learn all sorts this week. Good booze from bad booze, why rhino poaching and malaria are problems in Africa, you'll get a crash course in marketing, you'll hear what makes a good director, and what's been buzzing in Russia for thirty years.

0:00:00 - P&S act as wonderful role models for today's youth by sampling some booze. Paul's got the "ee dubya" bourbon, Spike's guzzling whiskey and beer with a hole in it. How does this relate to Apple computers and African mosquito nets? Oh, you'll be surprised.

0:15:42 - Paul's Week In Stuff has been varied, including episodes two and three of the new BBC "Sherlock" series. He enjoyed episode one immensely, and there have been plenty of "aha!" moments, but will episodes two and three fare as well? Some surprising praise for Cusack and Jackson in Stephen King's "1408", and they get geeky on what makes a good horror director. Houston, we have no problem with the documentary "For All Mankind", which features no narration, no talking heads and no "doo-dee-doo-doo-doo". You can see clips on YouTube, and user TheBigMamo sums it all up beautifully, "This film has been posted on youtube for almost 2 years, and it has less than 10,000 hits. Post a vid of a panty-less Brittany Spears getting out of a car, and it will quickly reach 10,000,000. Our priorities as a species are completely upside down." And how, Big Mamo. And how.

0:34:50 - Netflix (drink!) have released their iphone/ipod touch application, where subscribers can watch movies on their device of choice. First movie Spike chose to test it out was Orson Welles' "F For Fake", the first 25 minutes of which he is able to condense into one crowded sentence. His media intake has had much ubuntu, after listening to some surprising news stories on the South African talk station Talk Radio 702. There's not much of an argument for furthering cultural education by listening to creepy Russian shortwave buzzing station UVB-76, though. That's just geeky. If, however, you want to join the hunt for barking dogs or the Russian spelling alphabet, you can listen to it live here. Plots are hatched for P&S to set the shortwave enthusiast world aflame using only a pickle. On the nightstand, "The Lesbian Community" was worth every cent he paid for it... but is the last page there?

0:59:50 - The new Too Grumpy Movie Club entry swings to Paul this time, who - for reasons best known to himself - has chosen the 1980 version of "Flash Gordon". Diiiiiive! So, seek it out, watch it and get in touch with your thoughts. Did you love it? Did you hate it? First time seeing it? Last time seeing it? You can write as much or as little as you wish and send it to The Usual Address, or log in with your existing Twitter or Facebook accounts and leave your thoughts at


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