Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Week: The Question(s) Of Kids TV.

We all grew up plonked in front of it, and we all have our favourites: kids' tv.  A format maligned by some and embraced by others, mastered by the good and butchered by the bad.  The three-pronged question this week (to be answered by 6pm US east / 11pm UK on wednesday 25th) is this....

  • Most important kids' tv show of all time - this can be because it was culturally relevent, because it was a trend-setter or because it broke/amended/re-wrote the rules.
  • Your personal favourite kids' tv show(s) - what's closest to your heart, and why? - Was it a show that taught you to read, a show that made you laugh, or one you remember fondly from your childhood, or your kids childhood?
  • The kids' tv show(s) you'd most like to throw into a vat of acid - what are the show(s) you can't stand?  Squeaky puppets, repitition, tackiness, repitition, something that served no purpose other than to merchandise, something you found incredibly annoying, something with a lot of repitition?


Thanks, as always, for your input.  We love hearing from you, in whatever form you feel comfortable with.  Don't worry about whether the audience will have heard of the show(s) you choose - if you think there's going to be confusion over The Polka Dot Door (CAN), Tikkabilla (UK), Round The Twist (AUS) or Zoom (US), then feel free to provide a brief synopsys.  Answer as many or as little of the questions as you like.

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