Friday, August 27, 2010

podcast #305 - Kids' TV



In a specially extended version of Too Grumpy Critics (don't panic, you have the option to ditch out at the usual time), P&S discuss television history's most important kids' shows. All that, plus Sherlock, Filmation and country music.

0:00:00 - Before anyone even says hello, red state America and country music get it firmly between the legs. Ouch, man! But there is good news; P&S have decided to divide control of the show between who is the least sober at the time, and there's a handy household hint on how to make an alcoholic pillow.

0:09:08 - Paul's Week In Stuff includes some epic 80s in the form of 1982's unmissable "Mega Force", from the makes of "Stroker Ace". Can you believe the audacity of a composer who goes to Bm? tchoh! That, and a "hot pianist chick" in the documentary about the man with the most worn-out doorbell in Vienna, in "In Search Of Beethoven". Jeff Bridges tugs at the heart - and banjo - strings in "Crazy Heart", and a producer opens up some insight (see what I did there?) in "Classic Albums; The Doors' The Doors".

0:27:09 - Is there anything better than swearing and ultra-violence from an eleven year old girl? According to Spike's Week in Stuff, there isn't, as "Kick Ass" gets a viewing. Also, could it be... Spike published? No, probably not, but he is announcing a "Prisoner Cell Block H" episode guide nonetheless. Plus, an unfinished documentary about the making of "Blake's 7" and - shock horror - Paul has finally seen the redux of "Sherlock"... but, did he like it?

0:44:17 - A three-pronged question regarding the world of childrens' TV - A: The most culturally important kids' tv show of all time - 2) Your personal favourite kids' tv show, and III] the kids' tv shows that need to be thrown into a vat of acid.

0:59:27 - As we wave farewell to the listeners on traditional radio, P&S get on with analysing the kids' tv choices of the commentariat.


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