Friday, August 20, 2010

podcast #304 - TV WOW!




This week, P&S discuss their new friends in high places (but not high friends in new places... we hope...) and what's the matter with 3D movies. Also, the commentariat share their stories of "WOW!" TV.

0:00:00 - Vino Boxo, a freakishly small beer and an alcoholic challenge open the show, and also set the tone for it. Funny how that works, isn't it?

0:06:30 - Wow, P&S have some expert friends in high places; the movie podcast Showbiz Sandbox, hosted by three people who have more success in the entertainment industry before they munch their Captain Crunch than Paul and Spike would have if they lived to be four hundred and sixty. Following on from a recent Showbiz Sandbox episode regarding why cinema audiences have been avoiding 3D movies, P&S discuss why it is now - and always has been - a gimmick.

0:17:25 - Another busy Week In Stuff for Pablo Suave, including, in order of "papishness", 'Hot Tub Time Machine','Paranormal Activity', the space-free 'Jason And The Argonauts', 'This Film Is Not Yet Rated' (Rated R), and - finally - grab a danish and watch the Danish 'Terribly Happy', also known by its bad-hand-at-Scrabble name, "Frygtelig Lykkelig".

0:32:50 - Inspired by Paul's infomail about the DVD release of the Max Headroom series, Spike decided to give it another go with the second season episode "Neurostim", with surprising results. And, thanks to G****e Video (ptu!) you can watch it too. Also on the slate, the cult Australian soap opera "Prisoner Cell Block H". Hoo boy.

0:43:09 - This week's question revolved around TV, and the last program you saw that made you say "WOW!" for whatever reason, good or bad. Paul's WOW! moment is more like a "yeessss" moment, and Spike's is filled with excuses. The commentariat, thankfully, have far more sensible choices. CHOICES? PLURAL? I THOUGHT I WAS SEEING DOUBLE! HOO HOOOOO!


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