Friday, August 13, 2010

podcast #303 - The Too Grumpy Movie Club Gets Carter




The first week of the Too Grumpy Movie Club gets off to a roaring start, and you'll hear exactly what goes on backstage at one of those newfangled rock and roll concerts. In the 80s.


0:00:00 - After a debate on theoretical lexicography, Paul briefs us on a sad death. Our prayers are with you at this time of terrible loss, bud. Spike makes a technological gain in the face of all the gadgets in his house failing within a fortnight. Good job there's a great email from a new listener to perk up the show and a magic porridge pot of wine.

0:06:13 - A full Week In Stuff for Paul, as we come to the alphabetical end of Roger Ebert's 'Greatest Movies' book with "Written On The Wind", which features, amongst other things, the very Seussian "smirk from Sirk". The 3D remake of "My Bloody Valentine" (won't you stay a... while! while!) gets a surprisingly positive review, as does the Colin Baker-era Dr Who story "Vengeance On Varos" - also known by it's working title; "Peri's Breasts Bouncing". Still... fwaaaar! Eh? Also, Twitter favourite Felicia Day gets an honourary mention through web series "The Guild". All that, and you'll get to hear about the fall-of-Rome-style debauchery that went on backstage at a Frehley's Comet concert.

0:31:28 - After last week's "Tom Baker Years", the Dr Who love-in continues with Spike's viewing of "The Colin Baker Years", featuring less forgetfulness and significantly less pub-related stories. Furthermore, what happens when you put a republican and a member of Greenpeace together in the wilderness....? Dual Survival!

0:43:20 - The first edition of the Too Grumpy Movie Club looks at 1971's "Get Carter". Be forewarned: the discussion contains spoilers, so if you're planning on watching the movie at any point and you don't want to know that he dies at the end, you might not want to listen to this segment.


Good news, everyone! We've entered into a partnership with our friends at, the interworld's premiere website for pop culturocity. Every Friday, they'll post their own take on the current episode of Too Grumpy Critics. Feel free to listen twice from there, too. The basic upshot of it all is that when you're deciding which version to retweet or pass on to your friends, you can choose from our version, or a version that is far funnier, more insightful and, in additional, also contains better grammar, too.


Thanks to Google selling out and turning to the dark $ide, we're ditching as many Google products as we can, starting with G-Mail. Farewell, you evil, lying bastards. I hope your Google Plex falls into the swamp. You can now email the show at the new soon-to-be Usual Address, which is the same, only this time at Yeah! MICROSOFT. You drove us to it, Google.

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