Friday, August 06, 2010

Paul&Spike: Too Grumpy Critics podcast #302 - It's The Vinyl Countdown




This week, P&S discuss an upcoming vinyl-based feature of the show, and ask the commentariat for their vinyl memories; first and last records bought, favourite piece of vinyl and whether they rue the day they went digital.  

0:00:00 - Starting the show with mouthfuls of old wine, we kick off with a correction of something said on last week's show and, in the face of a new TV version that's popped up, a discussion on what makes a good adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

0:12:34 - Paul's Week In Stuff includes the blaxploitation homage "Black Dynamite", and wonders whether it would have been more lauded had it been directed by Quentin Tarantino. After that snickerfest, and watched through genuinely perfectly legal means (no, really) is "The Hurt Locker" - insert sound of gears crunching here, but does hype-allergic Paul think that all the to-do surrounding the movie was actually worth it...? He's been regressing into childhood with a cartoon-fest, including "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" and "Thundar The Barbarian", and, just to put a downer on the week, he's been listening to Jim Croche, hearkening back to the days when top 40 artists could be butt-ugly.

0:26:35 - Clouding up Spike's DVD player has been the unfeasibly long titled movie "Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief", demonstrating his tenuous grasp of Greek mythology in the process, by forgetting half of the names of the characters he was surprised to remember from school. Work that one out. More geekish nostalgia, this time with 1991's straight-to-video Dr Who clipfest "The Tom Baker Years", in which the expert orator forgets everyone's name, but remembers what a good time he had with them in the pub afterwards. Tom Baker, that is. Not Spike.

0:36:51 - Quick update about next week's show; You've got a short amount of time to catch 1971's "Get Carter" for next week's Too Grumpy Movie Club. Find it, watch it, and then let us know what you thought, at The Usual Address or you can log in at with your existing Twitter or Facebook account and comment there.

0:39:35 - Inspired by an upcoming segment dealing with obscure vinyl, we asked the commentariat a four-pronged question: What was the first record you ever bought, the last record you ever bought, what was your favourite record and do you miss the format, preferring the ease and portability of CDs and/or MP3s? As always, answers ranged from the surreal to the sublime, spanning several decades. Comments regarding the quality of LPs over MP3s are surprising.


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