Monday, August 02, 2010

2GC: It's The Vinyl Countdooowwnnnn...

ni ni ner ner, ni ni ner ner nerrr.

We have an upcoming feature to announce this week, and vinyl is a big part of it. So, this week, we're looking for your input on analogue output.

What we want to kn.... what? No, when I said "vinyl is a big part of it" I didn't mean S and M, you dirty gibbon. What we want from you this week is your vinyl stories. Again, no S and M. Keep that one for a future show, when Dan Savage is the guest. Here's your questionnaire, and feel free to elaborate on these as much as you wish.

  • First piece of vinyl you ever bought (album and/or single).
  • Last piece of vinyl you ever bought (album and/or single).
  • Favourite piece of vinyl and why.
  • The case for or against vinyl; do you not care about the transition away from LPs because CDs and mp3s sound fine, or do you miss it? Why?

Answers in by 6pm (EST) on Tuesday 3rd of August, tankya!

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