Friday, July 30, 2010

Sermon On The Mount On My Plate

Imagine this. There you are, you've just slaved over a hot fryer for the better part of an hour to make your world-famous-in-my-house fish and chips and hushpuppies. You sit down to enjoy the artery-clogging dinner with a huge blob of salad cream (not mayonnaise, thank YOU very much). You get three quarters of the way through, and all of a sudden, what should appear...? How about Jesus himself? That's right, dinner gets two thumbs up from the big man (or, at least, son of the big man).

Honest to god (no pun, etc) this is 100% genuine. I have no artistic abilities whatsoever, this image presented itself entirely through chance via careless dabbing and smearing. Blessed are the meek. And my chips, apparently.

Unfortunately, I don't have the original plate to sell on ebay for a fat bag of cash. I gave into temptation and ate the rest of it, and poor salad cream JC is now just a yummy memory. I will, however, sell you a print for a tenner, if you want. For an extra $5, I'll even throw in a home-made waffle on the off chance that John the baptist's fizzog shows up on it. Hey - it could happen.

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