Monday, July 26, 2010

#Paul&SpikeShow - Wanted: Your Summer In Stuff

That's right, we're back.  Starting this Friday, we'll be back with our new(ish) show "Paul&Spike: Too Grumpy Critics" in which, quite honestly, practically bugger all changes from TPASS's format.  We'll be concentrating less on news and current affairs and more on media review/discussion, which is what you wanted.  You never got off your lazy arses when we asked you about the world around you, but whenever we wanted your opinion on who was the best Dr Who, whether the B-52s theme for "Rocko's Modern Life" was worse than the original or what Cheers character you'd most like to play 'Pass The Pigs' with, we couldn't move for correspondence.  So be it.  Media you want, media you get.  Never let it be said that we don't listen to what you say.  Or, at the very least, know how to take a hint.

Hanging around is the ever-popular "This Week In Stuff" segment where we discuss our media intake; what movies or tv shows we've watched, games we've played, books we've read.  Paul and I have been busy over the summer, how about you?  What have you been watching?  Send your reviews to The Usual Address, or reply below.  If you're reading this on (or you can log in with your existing Twitter or Facebook account to comment.

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