Monday, May 03, 2010

What Are You Obsessed With?

This week's question is about obsessions.

Obsessed with having your DVD/CD collection in strict alphabetical order?  Obsessed with a specific person?  Or TV show?  Or movie?  Or radio station?  Do you have an obsession with checking Twitter at a certain time every day?  With holding your steering wheel in exactly the same place?  Maybe you're obsessed with collecting every single piece of memoribilia from "Gilligan's Island", or with the sugar packets all facing the same way?  Past or present, serious or funny, yours or someone you know's, let us know at all the usual places:

You can submit up to three.  If you want to remain anonymous, please START your comments with that.  As a general rule, we don't pre-read emails or tweets or comments before we read them on air, so if you're going to disclose that you're obsessively following your ex, make sure you state that you don't want us to reveal your name at the start.

As always, please try to get your comments in by 6pm US-e / 11pm UK on Tuesday night.  If not, go ahead and add them anyway and we'll use them in the catchup segment of the next show.

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