Friday, May 14, 2010

TPASS#217 - I Loved It! ...But I Never Want To See It Again.

THE PAUL AND SPIKE SHOW, EPISODE #217 - Friday May 14th, 2010.

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This week, The Boys finally ask the question they've been threatening to unleash on the commentariat for a long time...

0:00:00 - Headphone thief Spike is experiencing disappointment with the spoils of his thievery. But all is not lost, he recommends a set of cheapies to you, the listener. So, there's that.

0:04:35 - This week on Challenge Paul, we see how much Star Trek (TOS) trivia he knows and can guess. One thing's for sure, he gruffly debates the split infinitive.

0:14:15 - Catchup from last week's "Obsessions" show, which leads on to whether scent is the strongest memory-stirring sense.

0:18:08 - This Week In Stuff, whereby The Boys share their 7-day media intake, in order to warm you to, or warn you from, what next to read/watch/play. A multimedia week for Paul, finishing "Silent Hill: Origins" on the PSP, diving into Terry Brooks' book "The Black Unicorn" and getting all zen with PBS' special "The Buddha". One more off the Ebert list, and two and a half hours he'll never get back, in the shape of Robert Altman's "Nashville", which has left an indlible mark on his hand - the shape of the remote.

0:34:02 - Wringing more value from his $9 monthly Netflix fee, Spike gets his documentary fix from the self-indulgent "We Live In Public" and the unfeasibly forgiving "Forgiving Dr Mengele". Also on the slate, two radio shows about the influential electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire, the brains behind the theme tune to "Dr Who", although there's not much love from Spike for the new series.

0:57:50 - This week's question is one they've been threatening to do for a long time - what movie(s) did you watch once, enjoy, and never want to see again. Up for grabs are films like "Saving Private Ryan", "Philadelphia", and a groundswell of PTSD-mails for "Requiem For A Dream". Got any to add? It's never too late to send them to The Usual Address.


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Arrrr, me hearty! Be ye a Netflixer? Watch ye the movies mentioned on the show, land lubber. And other pirate phrases.

The Buddha :: Nashville :: We Live In Public :: Forgiving Dr Mengele :: "Requiem For A Dream" ::

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