Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tonight's Question: What Movie(s) Do You Love So Much That You've Seen Them More Than Three Times?

Last week we covered movies you loved but don't want to see more than once.  This week, conversely, which movies did you so enjoy that you can watch them multiple times?  Most films people see once, maybe twice, and then forget about, but it takes an extra special movie to sustain repeated viewings.  You can choose up to three movies, and we've set the watershed at more than three viewings.  Let us know which movies, and why.

Don't forget you have TWO opporchancities to get your apeth in this week, media pundit, blogger, social networking expert and political strategist Dusty Trice joins us, so if you have any questions, thoughts or comments, you know how to get in touch...

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As always, please try to get your comments in by 6pm US-e / 11pm UK on Tuesday night.  Even if you miss the deadline, go ahead and add them anyway and we'll use them in the catchup segment of the next show.

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Chris James said...

About a Boy, Casablanca, that one where Jenna Jameson is a fire fighter, Pulp Fiction, Robin Hood: Men in Tights.