Friday, May 28, 2010

The Paul And Spike Show, Signing Off. Goodnight.

Holid-day.  Celebra-ate.  Holida-ay.  Celebra-ate.


Hello, everybodypeeps.  Spike here.  Your podcast in-boxes will be dark for the next few weeks, owing to the fact that @jockopablo and I are off on vacation.  Not together, you understand, oh no.  That would make things far too easy.  No, instead, our vacations are staggered, just for maximum impact.  Paul is off this week, I'm off next.  And just to add insult to injury, we'll throw in ANOTHER week for no reason other than laziness, which means we're back on Friday the 18th of June. 

This leads me on to the next point.  You may (or may not) have noticed that I talked about a major announcement about the future of the show on last week's episode.  It wasn't the fact that we're taking a few weeks off, it's actually that we're re-tooling the show.  You probably won't notice too much difference, but here's what's happening and why:

  • The show is eschewing news and current affairs to focus purely on media.  This will give it a better shelf life and, hopefully, bring in a few more listeners.  Don't get me wrong, the number of listens we get on a weekly basis knocks my socks off, especially considering we're not "names", we're not publicised anywhere and that there's forty billion other podcasts that cover news and politics.  We figured that by playing to what gets the most response from listeners (media questions), we could tighten up the searchable keywords and categories and be more attractive to a wider audience.
  • "The Paul And Spike Show" as we know it is officially no more - it will now be known as "Paul And Spike: Too Grumpy Critics".  All addresses and contact information stay the same, though, as will the RSS feed, so you will continue to receive the show in the normal way, for as long as you see value in it.
  • We'll keep having an interesting mix of guests on, and the weekly questions to the commentariat will continue, but we will now open the show with our own Week In Stuff, followed by the guest's who, quite frankly, probably doesn't give a tinker's cuss about whether we've watched the first season of "Drop The Dead Donkey" or not.  The week's question will follow on from there.
  • Runtime for the show will be sixty minutes.  No change for the folks who listen to the show on Radio Six International, but a big change for podcast listeners.  The reason we're cutting the show down is that we think 100 minutes is too long for a podcast; most podcast consumers will see an hour as a more comfortable time investment.  Besides, how many other podcasts do you listen to that are more than an hour?  Be honest.  It is a *bit* much.
  • Change six: there is NO CHANGE SIX.
  • Change seven: no poofters.
So there you have it.  See you on the 18th?

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