Monday, May 03, 2010

Music You Want To Hear, Played By A Man Who Wants You To Hear It.

TPASS#215 guest John Osborne's new radio show "John Peel's Shed" premiered this week.  For the next four weeks John will be playing songs that came directly, and literally, from the shed of British radio royalty.  John's relationship with Future Radio is covered extensively in his book "Radio Head".



In 2002 John Osborne won a competition on John Peel's Radio 1 show. His prize was a box of 150 records from John Peel's own collection. John Peel's Shed is a show featuring the best tracks from those records. The series starts on Sunday 2nd May at 9 pm on Future Radio.
The record collection includes 7 inch singles and full albums, including Screaming Lord Sutch, Royal Trux and Chilly Gonazles. The prize was won after John Peel invited listeners to send in reasons why they listened to his show, which he would send as part of the submission to that year’s Sony Awards. “My winning sentence was 'Music you want to hear played by a man who wants you to hear it.'” Osborne remembers. “Another box of records was won by someone suggesting 'John Peel has got thousands of records and is not afraid to use them.'”

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