Friday, April 16, 2010

TPASS #213 - MemeFest 2010 with Old Spike


A wry old time with Old Spike in his final appearance until he returns in summer, with memes-a-plenty, red wine flowing and much hilarity regarding Helen Mirren's state of dress.

0:00:00 - An apology from Old Spike, hay fever from Paul and a rare semi-victory (of sorts) for Spike's favourite Paul-taunting tipple, hereby known as "margarita, asterisk". This leads on to a discussion about "alcopops", in particular the infamous Buckfast Tonic Wine; the palate-pleasing pisswater drunk by Scotlands errant teens. Ask them to stop drinking until they are of legal age, and they're like that, "whaaat?"

0:07:34 - Catchup from last week's show brings us, uuhhh, some, like, updates from, y'know, the 'added value speech' discussion? Right? Y'know? Covered are the correct way to respond to "thank you", whether one should divulge one's full name at the start of a phone call, and uptalking?

0:18:48 - Future show meme on the horizon? Old Spike tells the famous story about the alcoholic bloke who worked beside him in the box making factory, who would give blow by blow (literally) accounts of his weekend fisticuff activities.

0:26:52 - Late, but it's a special "last week's show" themed Pickin' And Grinnin'. Hey - it's better than Tiger Woods jokes, right?

0:28:48 - This Week In Stuff! Calling Mark Morriss from the Bluetones! We need a TWIS theme! For free! Paul's had a surprisingly full stuff week, taking in more of the "Up" documentaries from Ebert's list, including a surprise appearance from a very young Sarah Palin! Some more Star Trek TOS on Bluray, Dweezil talks Frankly in "Zappa Plays Zappa", and also, based on the glowing review given over a chinese meal (yeah, a glowing review of Helen Mirren's threepenny bits) he ingested "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover". Fwaarrr, eh?

0:40:48 - Old Spike's media week, "by the very nature of things", has been filled with some pretty terrible kids' tv. He's philosophical about it all, though, and has some interestingly complimentary things to say about Hannah Montana and Zak and Cody... but not "Rentaghost"! And I'm like that, "whaaaat?" Interesting political discussion comes from the film "Seven Days In May" and Kevin Phillips (bong!)'s book "American Theocracy"

0:54:20 - Spike's been watching "Alexei Sayle's Stuff", from the writers of "End Of Part One", and wondering how a cardinal gets into people's holiday snaps.

1:00:06 - This week's question comes from Peter Neill: The music quiz "All the way to Memphis" once asked the panelists to name a pop music icon who they "just didn't get". I'm asking you to do the same in the world of media. A person or programme or film or book hailed as a genius/masterpiece, but which means nothing at all to you personally.


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