Sunday, April 25, 2010

Five Ways Social Networks And Their Users Butt Heads

link to the full article below, but boy... doesn't this sentence ring painfully true?

Remember MySpace? Remember why you stopped GOING to MySpace? It might have something to do with the fact that people could throw hot pink text on a yellow background, festoon it with Hello Kitty animated gifs, and then put the rotten cherry on this rancid sundae by setting a Britney Spears track to play on loop. Then they could just leave it there, like a sparkling, keening, burning bag of dog crap just waiting for you to click on it and smear itself everywhere.

Facebook is slowly succumbing to the same problem, as everybody whose mom has discovered FarmVille has learned to their great woe. You know how all your friend keep insisting on taking those quizzes, and how you block them but a new quiz keeps coming up? That’s because each quiz, even though it’s made by the same developer, is treated as a separate application by Facebook.

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