Friday, March 12, 2010

What The Friday? - "Think Twice: Version X"

Take it from me, peoples. When I say that this is NSFW. I mean it. It's really NSFW. Or, RNSFW, I suppose.

In 1965, Jackie 'Mr Excitement' Wilson recorded the excellent "Think Twice" with soul singer LaVern Baker. (This part is SFW):

but... for some reason, the two decided to record a filthy, expletive-riddled version. Studio time must have been plentiful in 1965! And besides, what's better than a woman with a mouth like a navvy with piles...? (This part... NSFW):

Notice how the version that wasn't meant to be heard has twice the soul and three times the energy? Love the giggles, too. The engineer sounds like he's about to piss his pants. What I'd love to know is this - were the "Version X" lyrics written down, or did they improvise them? If so, man... they should have gone on "Whose Line Is It Anyway, Version X".

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Chimp Jones said...

That was...BRILLIANT!