Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week's Question: Five Desert Island Tunes

OK, so legally we can't say "desert island".  Let's say... um... remote location of indeterminate terrain.  Good enough?  Here's the concept for people who don't know.  You're getting shipped off to a deser... a remote location of indeterminate terrain.  You're allowed to take five pieces of music with you, five songs/tunes/movements that you simply can't live the rest of your lonely life without.

Mark Morriss of the Bluetones is joining us this week (no, really, he is.  he's confirmed.  REALLY!) so it'll be interesting to hear your input as well as his.  Here's the rules:

  • Your selection can be five individual pieces of music, or...
  • three pieces of music and two albums.  Not five albums, that's cheating.  Max two.
  • There's no genre restrictions, you can have Puccini beside the theme tune to 'Murder She Wrote' beside the Macarena.
  • if there's a good reason for any of your picks, feel free to expand on them.

Comment below (you can log in with Facebook or Twitter), or send your list to The Usual Address.  Also, if you have any questions for Mr Morriss, the same contact details apply.

Have at it!

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